Careers in Medicine

Careers in Medicine

Careers in Medicine Program

Preparing Students for Their Medical Futures

Pursuing a career in medicine can be a long and arduous road. In fact, studies show that in less than 10 years, the demand for doctors will exceed the supply of highly trained medical professionals.

In line with our mission, SMGF has developed four programs designed to help foster the next generation of health care providers and pave their way to a successful future in health care:


For those who have completed their second year of college and have demonstrated an interest in health care through course work and other experiences, our immersive Medical Scholars program allows students to spend a full week shadowing SMG doctors in a specialty area of interest.


For students 18 and older who are interested in pursuing a future in medicine, our 1-on-1 Shadowing program offers one-day career exploration.


As part of our commitment to building a strong foundation for healthy communities, our Health Professional Day program gives high school students an opportunity to see first-hand what health care professionals do each day.


SMGF is committed to supporting up-and-coming students who are embarking on a medical career to change the health and lives of people all over New Jersey. For this reason, SMGF is proud to offer the Next Generation Scholarship program.